Post-Case Management Membership

You're never alone when you're part of any Best Foot Forward membership.

Post-Case Management Membership

This membership gives you monthly access to your coach through email and a live group coaching call every Thursday at 5pm ET. Designed for clients who are either done with your case or are at a point in your case where you are no longer building your strategy and materials. Ideal if you are:

  • dealing with post-case shenanigans
  • a graduate of one of The Custody Blueprint programs or The Divorce Authority Pro-Se Program


  • Either one (1) email thread with up to 5 total messages OR two (2) email threads with up to 3 messages each
  • Monthly Mindset Coaching group call
  • Monthly Strategy Coaching group call


The terms for all memberships are subject to change at any time, with notification to all members. At the end of each month's billing date, a member can switch to a different plan. Non-payment of a plan upon renewal will result in a termination of services effective at the start of the member's next billing date.

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