Your custody woes might drag on, but it doesn't have to be a total drag.

  • Membership Options for Current Clients
  • New 1:1 Session Packages
  • 9-Week Custody Warriors Blueprint Program
  • Done For You Option


Continue to have email and Messenger access to advice in quick bites, as needed--including the DFY offerings!


We are meeting our clients' demands for a larger number of sessions in packages, allowing for more savings.


Custody Warriors Blueprint Program is for women who want to awaken their inner noble warrior and pursue custody while being honest, putting the kids first, and ending the madness from your co-parent--all while convincing the family court of what the truth really is.


As a current client, you will want the option that has been customized for where you are at in your journey, and what your current needs are.

Click on the icons to enroll. You can change your option at any time after completing your current plan.

Legionary Membership I

You're never alone when you're part of any Best Foot Forward membership. Level I gives you monthly access to your team coach through unlimited email and messaging, plus one 15-minute Zoom or phone check-in each month. For established clients only.

$500 USD/month

Legionary Membership II

You will get everything in a Level I membership, plus copy editing for up to 5 email responses each month, and document review and feedback for up to three legal documents, all with your team coach. Ideal if you are still easily triggered by your co-parent's manipulations. For established clients only.

$750 USD/month

Legionary Membership III

You will get everything in a Level II membership, plus 2 one-hour private sessions each month, all with founder Reneé Rodriguez. Ideal if you are still setting the strategy for your court case, or if you are pro se.

$1000 USD/month

Private Session Packages

New packages for one-hour sessions to better fit your needs:

$375 USD/session

$925 USD/3-session package

$1775 USD/6-session package

$3200 USD/12-session package

Custody Warriors Blueprint Program

This 9-week program includes weekly modules leading you through all aspects of preparing for a court evaluation, including weekly group coaching, private community membership, and forever access to the modules and resources.

$6000 USD

Total DFY

Hand off all of your evidence, correspondence and documentation and allow our team and founder Reneé Rodriguez to prepare your evidence binder and other documents you will give to family court professionals.

$25,000 USD/2 months

The new Post-Case Management Program, for clients who need minimal support.

If you are still dealing with the occasional shenanigan and difficulties around your current or past case, or are just dealing with post-separation abuse and want to be sure you are approaching issues in a way that could curb future challenges, this is for you.

What's included:

  • One live monthly group coaching call with a senior coach
  • One live monthly group coaching call with a certified trauma recovery coach
  • One message thread via email (up to 5 messages per thread) OR Two message threads via email (up to 3 messages per thread)
  • Half-price private sessions (one per month)
  • No minimum membership term

$99 USD/month

For established clients only.


Find out if you are a good fit for the 9-week program.

Even if you do not plan to have a custody evaluation, you could benefit from the preparation of evidence and mindset to succeed with each family court professional you need to meet with.

With this program, you will also be in great shape to put a stop to post-court abuse, and keep control of your court order for as long as it is needed.


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide; however, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or predict the court's decisions. Any success stories shared on our website and other platforms reflect our current success rate but are not every client’s experience. We advise against relying solely on such information as a promise or guarantee of your own success. Your individual results will depend on various factors beyond our control, including your personal circumstances, efforts, skills, and fulfilling the program on time. Operating within the realm of custody battles entails inherent risks, and any actions you take based on the information provided are at your own discretion and risk. Our content is provided without warranties. By continuing to engage with our offerings, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for the decisions you make or the outcomes you experience. Any claims of actual results are available for verification upon request.